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Welcome Don Mock's Lesson and Information Page

Private Lessons, Classes and Online Learning

Don Mock is affiliated with Roberts Music Institute in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle) where Don teaches special classes and a limited number or private lessons. To study with Don, contact the school at 425 614-4764.


Contact Don if you are interested in online private and/or group lessons via the internet. mock@guitaraxis.com

Don Mock’s free lessons at GuitarAxis.com

Check out Don’s lessons and several play-along tracks: http://guitaraxis.com/LearningCenter.asp

The Hendrix Chord- Part 1 (The Dominant 7th#9 chord)
The Hendrix Chord- Part 2 (Soloing over the Dom7#9 chord)
Chips Blues- Part 1 (Fingerstyle Blues in key of B)
Chips Blues- Part 2 (Jazz version of Fingerstyle Blues in B)
12 Bar Blues (Major Blues in key of C)
Punch Jazz Blues (Jazz influenced Blues Comping)
The II-V-I Progression (Explanation plus Scales & Substitution Ideas)
II-V-I Lines Ten melodic lines for a major II-V-I progression
Which Minor? Analysis of choices players have when faced with minor chords
Pentatonic Scales for Guitarists Fingering patterns, theory and application

Mike Bloomfield Lessons

Don Mock - musician, recording artist and teacher, created a special lesson series entitled The Essential Mike Bloomfield. The four lessons (Pickup Phrases, Signature Phrases, Beyond Blues Phrases and Chords & Rhythm) are for guitarists who are interested in learning about Michael's technique and approach. Don's deep admiration for Michael Bloomfield's guitar artistry served as inspiration for his own musical explorations.

Don Mock's Instructional Videos and Books

Complete Listing of Don’s books and videos from Hal Leonard, Alfred and Guitar Axis available at Amazon.com and Sheet Music Plus.



AUDIO DOWNLOADS: Audio tracks are available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody and other online sellers. To receive a free audio sample from the MODAL MOJO series via email, send an email to mock@guitaraxis.com with MOJO in the subject line and we'll add you to our list.

  contact: mock@guitaraxis.com